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Michael Steele Raises Eyebrows, Probably Not Funds (except funds for the Dems)

March 22, 2010

I signed up for the GOP for a laugh, and after the House Dems finally succeeded in passing Healthcare Reform into law tonight, Michael Steele sent out a typically-dishonest, fearmongering fundraiser e-mail in response. Here’s how that makes me feel:
(see below for original e-mail from the RNC)

Dear Mr. Steele,
Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrats who took a political risk and fought to pass Healthcare Reform on behalf of the American people certainly do reflect our will, and serve our common good. I, and many millions of others, voted the Dems into their majority in both houses of Congress and the White House, and this is just one of the things that they have promised and put effort into making a reality.

Do you remember, Mr. Steele, when you ran for Senate in Maryland? You didn’t get my vote. Do you remember what happened in the 08 election? (more…)


The Republican National Committee Platform Hearings on C-SPAN (videos)

September 10, 2008

I caught some of the RNC Platform Hearings on C-SPAN the week before their convention. It’s pretty fascinating, if you’re into politics, government, and/or public service. Their discussions were also also surprisingly candid and overt — they put their many of overall goals and values out there regardless of how acceptable they’d be for the average American, be that a moderate voter or a member of the cultural mainstream (for example ultimate dissolution of the US Department of Education was a policy idea that gained general approval). But the committee tended to shape the final issues and stances they advance in their official platform so that the agenda would seem more amenable, with its underlying values and motivations hidden. Except the meetings were on film, and you can watch these clips to see how the RNC arrived at their platform.

I have arranged the following links in chronological order. The actual titles of the clips on the C-SPAN pages don’t always reflect the same part number that the links below indicate, but this is the correct order of the proceedings so I formatted the list so it’d be easiest to navigate.