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Michael Steele Raises Eyebrows, Probably Not Funds (except funds for the Dems)

March 22, 2010

I signed up for the GOP for a laugh, and after the House Dems finally succeeded in passing Healthcare Reform into law tonight, Michael Steele sent out a typically-dishonest, fearmongering fundraiser e-mail in response. Here’s how that makes me feel:
(see below for original e-mail from the RNC)

Dear Mr. Steele,
Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrats who took a political risk and fought to pass Healthcare Reform on behalf of the American people certainly do reflect our will, and serve our common good. I, and many millions of others, voted the Dems into their majority in both houses of Congress and the White House, and this is just one of the things that they have promised and put effort into making a reality.

Do you remember, Mr. Steele, when you ran for Senate in Maryland? You didn’t get my vote. Do you remember what happened in the 08 election? (more…)


Politics is not Public Service

February 23, 2010

if I was a Dem in Congress, I’d gladly risk losing my seat to short-term politics in the process of giving every American citizen a guarantee of decent healthcare. This is easily the biggest opportunity for legislators to serve the common good since the civil rights era, but even with such a chance to do good…it’s just politics as usual on both sides of the aisle. Get your heads out of your asses…we didn’t elect you because you’re Dems, but because we thought you would stand up for the interests of the people and the common good. You’re blowing your majorities and leadership positions. Fuck your elections for now, and do your job. It also happens to be the right thing for the people, and even the GOP knows that.

Politics is not Public Service.

The Republican National Committee Platform Hearings on C-SPAN (videos)

September 10, 2008

I caught some of the RNC Platform Hearings on C-SPAN the week before their convention. It’s pretty fascinating, if you’re into politics, government, and/or public service. Their discussions were also also surprisingly candid and overt — they put their many of overall goals and values out there regardless of how acceptable they’d be for the average American, be that a moderate voter or a member of the cultural mainstream (for example ultimate dissolution of the US Department of Education was a policy idea that gained general approval). But the committee tended to shape the final issues and stances they advance in their official platform so that the agenda would seem more amenable, with its underlying values and motivations hidden. Except the meetings were on film, and you can watch these clips to see how the RNC arrived at their platform.

I have arranged the following links in chronological order. The actual titles of the clips on the C-SPAN pages don’t always reflect the same part number that the links below indicate, but this is the correct order of the proceedings so I formatted the list so it’d be easiest to navigate.


Biden a Gamble? (No.) Hillary Amazing? (Yes.)

August 30, 2008

I typed most of this as comments under “McCain Picks Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin” (DCist).

Delaware might be a small state, but it still has more people than Alaska. Plus, look at how many national and even multinational corporations are incorporated in Delaware. Representing Delaware in the US Senate for 35 years is not experience that should be overlooked. Biden is not a gamble.

Some interesting stats:

Populations by area
Alaska – 683,478
Delaware – 864,764
City of Chicago – 2,833,321
Arizona – 6,338,755
Illinois – 12,852,548
(source: Wikipedia)

And as far as Hillary being an amazing candidate, yes…she was amazing. Both she and Obama energized millions of new voters to register and in many cases contribute their time to political advocacy and grassroots campaigning. And both of them have staked their entire careers on helping Americans everyday, and progressively reforming the government so that it can best serve the people.


August 29, 2008

There’s no way PUMAs ever truly supported either the Democratic Party or Hillary Clinton’s platform. They’re just republicans, sexist misandristic zealots, or both. And the media would do both campaigns a favor by dropping their shovels, and not stirring up so much shit on the matter. Only someone with their head far, far up into the obscure squalor within the deepest depths of their bowels oblivious to the basic facts would support Hillary and then turn around to vote for a ticket that includes someone like Sarah Palin.

    Sarah Palin’s political positions

  • anti-choice
  • anti-healthcare

  • anti-gay
  • anti-environmental
  • anti-public education

  • anti-polar bear
  • anti-social justice

  • anti-religious freedom
  • anti-civil rights

  • pro-oil
  • pro-creationism
  • pro-homeschooling
  • pro-gun
  • pro-trickledown economics
  • pro-religious & socioeconomic hegemony

That’s not standing up for Hillary, Democratic values, or women’s rights. It’s not good journalism, either. It’s Karl Rove style manipulative misinformation, and insults the voters’ intelligence.

Rachel Maddow is right…we’re becoming a “post-rational” society, Mad Hatters sipping slanderous cups of tea and turning our backs on leadership that actually makes sense.

Past Decisions…

August 29, 2008

I posted the following in response to comments on “McCain Picks Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin” (DCist)

erahk0 [commenter who suggested that Obama/Biden have yet to prove themselves in the office of Pres/VP], I realize that Obama and Biden are politicians. But they have free will in choosing what policies they support, and what words they use to promote them. Further, neither one agrees 100% along party lines, and it is up to them where to differ and where to agree. So assuming they’ll at least try to accomplish some of the items on their platform, Obama/Biden would start off in a much better direction than McCain. And I have faith that they, along with all those tens of millions of active supporters out there will keep the momentum through the election, and turn speech and ideas into action and change. Sure no candidate is perfect (except Colbert!), but at least I respect and appreciate most of what the Dems stand for. Whereas the Republicans like to treat gays, women, ethnic minorities, the poor, children, the middle class, the ailing, prisoners, and anyone who doesn’t ignorantly and hypocritically thump a bible around all like shit…and that discrimination extends from their platform through their speeches all the way into failed government.

And kelly5612 [another commenter who brought up the issue], I believe most of the misogyny in the comments is intended in jest…which might not necessarily be PC, but isn’t as bad as putting someone onto the ticket just because she is a woman.

Elitism, Education, Records of Reform, and Realization of Reality

August 29, 2008

More thoughts since McCain debuted his running mate, Sarah Palin:

How is it that education and learning have been attacked as weaknesses by the GOP this election cycle? Isn’t it a crucial part of the point of school to equip us to work better and make successful decisions in our careers? Education is not elitist. The exclusive access to education based on the wealth into which one is born, rather than individual potential and achievement, is elitist.

Further, education helps people lead the most successful, secure, and adaptable lives. Denying or limiting access to education robs people of this potential and ability to thrive, harming their livelihood. Instead of contributing even more to their families, communities, and country, these people are unjustly left unable to compete. Potential brilliance must not be extinguished, yet conservative politics does just that in order to maintain policies that favor them at the expense of the common good.

Here’s how our current tickets stack up:

Questioning Experience?

August 29, 2008

Obama was elected to the US Senate in 2004. Palin won the Alaskan Governorship in 2006. Both have been involved in community-based public service since the early 90’s. But the argument that either candidate has more experience than the other misses the point anyway.

Both Senators and governors serve in highly visible positions of great responsibility and influence. The question is not who has the most experience, but who has the right experience.

Yes, Hillary’s Gas Tax Holiday is a Gimmick…and Awful Policy.

May 2, 2008

Not that I don’t hate the energy companies’ profiteering, but how can Hillary justify paying for her political smoke and mirrors act of dropping the gas tax by raising taxes on oil companies?  How can we determine exactly at what level profits become “excess profits”?  How does Hillary distinguish the oil industry from other mega-profitable, ultrawealthy corporations and individuals?

Instead of focusing only on the oil companies because their price increases have been particularly visible, and only for the benefit of a short-term tax break, a more broadly encompassing solution with a long-term focus is required. (more…)

Ohio Democratic Primary Debate – Obama v. Clinton (liveblog)

February 26, 2008

and off we go…

1. February 26, 2008 at 9:11 pm
“Hillary has a good plan on healthcare. I have a good plan on Healthcare. I think my plan is better.”

Exactly. This race is not about who has more experience, since either candidate lends their experience toward a separate set of goals. This race should hinge on whose goals represent what America needs, and who America is today.

2. February 26, 2008 at 9:18 pm
wow, they’re interrupting eachother on healthcare left and right!

3. February 26, 2008 at 9:37 pm
re: Hilary’s definition of experience as “longevity in Washington” is not the true measure, or what the American people consider to be the measure of foreign policy understanding. He believes his judgment has been sound, and gives several examples. But I’m looking for him to say what experience he does bring to the Presidency that lends him credibility and the ability to succeed.