Michael Steele Raises Eyebrows, Probably Not Funds (except funds for the Dems)

I signed up for the GOP for a laugh, and after the House Dems finally succeeded in passing Healthcare Reform into law tonight, Michael Steele sent out a typically-dishonest, fearmongering fundraiser e-mail in response. Here’s how that makes me feel:
(see below for original e-mail from the RNC)

Dear Mr. Steele,
Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrats who took a political risk and fought to pass Healthcare Reform on behalf of the American people certainly do reflect our will, and serve our common good. I, and many millions of others, voted the Dems into their majority in both houses of Congress and the White House, and this is just one of the things that they have promised and put effort into making a reality.

Do you remember, Mr. Steele, when you ran for Senate in Maryland? You didn’t get my vote. Do you remember what happened in the 08 election? McCain was hopelessly behind before the conventions, and had to pander to the base and select a female running mate who doesn’t even support women’s rights as a pure token and nod to Hillary Clinton’s popularity. But you know what? Neither McCain nor Palin, nor Boehner, Graham, McConnell, Bush, Cheney, or most other of your Republican colleagues are what the American people need: people who will serve the interest of we the people who elect our government to represent us and serve our common good. The GOP was totally complicit in wasting our resources, and expending lives, to fight an unjust war in Iraq — to you, that lie was a worthy use of our government and an example of a way you purport that government should serve the people. If our government can fight and kill on our behalf, and protect corporate profits and political views with complete disregard for the actual people who work to power our economy, certainly it is even more important–a moral imperative–that it also help ensure healthcare and education for American citizens. Anything less is pure hypocrisy.

Change might not be easy, but I am certain that deep down most of you Republicans probably know that this healthcare bill, while not perfect, is a start toward the security and affordability that we need all people to have. If we have any civil rights that our government protects, our health must be the foremost among them. And if you really believed that this bill was not a benefit to the American people, you would surely have saved the funds and hot air, and just let the Dems pass the bill so that it could stand for itself to prove your points. But you know almost as well as I that this new law will help many Americans directly so that their lives may be saved in times of illness, and they will not lose their life savings or livelihoods in their most difficult times. And I bet you also know that the new efficiencies and healthier, better covered workforce will be even more productive. And that will benefit all industries, and all homes and communities — even the private-sector healthcare companies who are bound to welcome millions of new customers by this bill, and will then be bound by law to guarantee the health care and insurance that they promise the insured.

I have to thank you though, for being such a buffoon and a mockery of any morality or good at the core of the few sincere conservatives’ beliefs, and for raising so much funding for the Democrats. By the way, it’s time to drop your party’s denial of equal rights and dignity toward certain minorities and people who are just not lucky enough to be born into wealth or to be born in America. Fiscal conservatism may have some logic. But social conservatism is just plain hatred, and makes you act like a party of uncompassionate bigots.
-Evan Cooper

On Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 11:01 PM, Michael Steele, RNC Chairman wrote:
> > Dear Evan,
> > In defiance of the will of the American people, Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat cronies have authorized a government takeover of your health care. She even considered an unconstitutional backdoor process that involved passing the bill without a vote on it before she realized that she could simply cajole, bully, and even buy off members of Congress in order to get enough “yeas” to ram President Obama’s socialist scheme down our throats.
> > Nancy Pelosi has gone too far. She is no longer serving the American people and the Constitution of the United States. She is beholden to left-wing special interests, and does not represent the will of the people. It is time to fire Nancy Pelosi.
> > In order to fund our efforts to oust Speaker Pelosi, the Republican National Committee is launching a Money Bomb to raise the resources we need to gain 40 House seats. If we gain just 40 House seats, we will fire Nancy Pelosi. Please donate, and then tell your friends to donate, so that we can end the tyrannical reign of the most aggressively left-wing Speaker in American history. Donate, so that we can fire Nancy Pelosi!
> > Sincerely,
> > Michael Steele > Chairman, Republican National Committee


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