Meltaway Kiss in Union Station

from August, 2005

gardenstateVideo still from the movie Garden State.
CLICK TO PLAYFrou Frou – “Let Go” (opens in new window)

I think the warm welcomes and bittersweet farewells that go down in airports and train stations are some of the most beautiful displays of connectedness and shared feeling that we have to live for. But why should travelers get to have all the fun? Eating lunch every day in Union Station never gets old…the building is magnificent and airy, and filled with the a buzz as people do their thing, mostly minding their own business.

Wouldn’t it be amazing, to meet in the middle of the randomness and chaos and share one of those perfect kisses that let everything else melt away, even if only for a moment? What would happen after we came back to reality? Would it just be kiss and go? Could there be a spark to ignite something more? Or is this too dreamy an idea altogether?


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